Getting into Advanced Vape Gear


When moving into more advanced vape hardware there are a few key things that you will need to know in order to vape SAFELY! Our main priority is to have you feel comfortable using your new gear and understand how it works.

There are 2 main types of advanced mods:

Mechanical Mod or ‘Mech Mod’: These are devices that have no power controls and no circuitry. They use rechargeable lithium ion batteries that are removable. A battery fresh off the charger will sit at around 4.2 Volts of output power. As soon as you start using your mod, the power remaining in the battery will decrease. There are no battery level indicators on mechanical mods, meaning that YOU (the user) will need to pay close attention to your vaping experience. When you start to experience a decrease in vapor production and overall performance, it is time to remove your battery and charge it. You never want to use your battery until your mod stops firing altogether. At that point, you are over discharging your battery which is very dangerous.

Variable Wattage & Voltage Mods: These mods also use rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Unlike mechanical mods, variable wattage/voltage devices contain circuitry and power controls. This means that if you prefer a specific temperature to vape at, you can set your device to that temperature and maintain a consistent vape until the device no longer fires, indicating that it is time to change your battery. If you are using a dual-battery device, we recommend that you ‘marry’ 2 new batteries to that specific device. Only use those 2 batteries together, don’t use them separately. This ensures that your batteries drain evenly and wear out in an equal amount of time.



When using advanced vape gear, you will need to understand amp limits and battery safety. What resistance (ex: 0.3 ohm) you safely build your atomizer at is dependent upon your battery’s amp limit. Generally speaking, with low-ohm atomizer builds, you always want to use a high-drain lithium ion battery with an amp rating high enough to support the draw from your atomizer.

Example for Mechanical Mods: You build your atomizer so it has a resistance of 0.3 ohms. On a freshly charged battery (4.2 Volts), your battery is pushing 14 Amps.

Example for Variable Wattage Mods: You build your atomizer so it has a resistance of 0.3 ohms. You run your device at 70 Watts. Your battery is pushing 15 Amps.

In order to vape SAFELY, you must use a battery with an amp limit above the amps being pushed. If you used a 10 Amp battery for example, with the example builds, you run the risk of damaging your device, batteries, and injuring yourself. Your battery may start to vent and eventually may explode. We want to avoid this at all costs.

Amp Limitation Examples:

0.1 ohm @ 4.2 Volts = 42 Amps

0.15 ohm @ 4.2 Volts = 28 Amps

0.2 ohm @ 4.2 Volts = 21 Amps

0.25 ohm @ 4.2 Volts = 16.8 Amps

0.3 ohm @ 4.2 Volts = 14 Amps

0.4 ohm @ 4.2 Volts = 10.5 Amps

0.5 ohm @ 4.2 Volts = 8.4 Amps



When inserting your battery into your mechanical mod, you will want to identify 2 things first. You will want to find your firing button (usually located on the bottom side of the mod) and you’ll want to find your top cap (at the top of the mod).

You always want to insert your battery so that the positive (+)  side of the battery is facing UP toward the top cap, and the negative (-) side of the battery is facing DOWN toward the firing switch. The positive side of your battery has a round black or white insulator and a little ‘nub’.

If you are using a box style mod: Most box mods will have indication markings to let you know where to place the positive and negative sides of your battery.



There are a few different types of rebuildable atomizers. For the most part, RDAs are designed for vapor production and RTAs are designed for flavor production. We will go over the main differences in the next few paragraphs on this page.

RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) also known as an ‘atty’ or a ‘dripper’: These atomizers are designed for performance and flavor. There are different styles of dripping RDAs but they will all do essentially the same thing. There is no ‘tank’ to hold e-juice in an RDA. We thread cotton through our coils (the part that you will build). Approximately every 3-6 puffs you will need to drip more e-juice onto your coils to re-saturate the cotton. You will need to pull the old cotton out and put new cotton into your RDA every day or so.

RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer): These tanks are designed for customizable performance and convenience. If you find that your current setup doesn’t give you enough vapor or flavor production, a rebuildable tank would be a good step up. Similar to the RDAs, you will build your own coils and replace the cotton once it starts tasting ‘off’.

Sub-Ohm Tank: Fairly new to the market, we have sub-ohm tanks. These have the same base design as a regular entry-style tank, meaning that you can buy pre-made replacement coils. The coils for these tanks are sub-ohm (below 1.0 ohm resistance) and therefore produce more vapor and much better flavor than any entry-level gear. If you’re looking to get a better setup but aren’t ready to wrap your own coils, these are a great option. Most of these tanks also have an optional rebuildable core, so you CAN build your own coils if you wish to do so.



I can’t wrap my coils the way those hardcore builders do! How do I learn to do that?

This is easy to answer. Practice, practice, practice. Ask any advanced vaper how their first build turned out. Chances are, it turned out mediocre at best. We all had to spend time learning our specific build style, how we like our cotton wicked, and what resistance we like our builds to be at.

When I vape it tastes burnt. What’s wrong?

A: You are vaping at too high of a wattage/voltage for the resistance of your build.

B: Your cotton is too tight or too loose. Try different thicknesses of cotton to see what works best for you.

C: Certain e-juices taste great on certain builds, and terrible on other builds. Try putting new cotton in and use a different flavor. If that flavor tastes good, you know that your first e-juice just doesn’t work with that specific build.

I get WAY too much throat hit with my new RDA/RTA/Sub-Ohm Tank. Why?

This advanced gear is designed for better performance than what is currently available from entry-level gear. With low-ohm resistance atomizers, you are vaporizing your e-juice at a much higher temperature. You are also increasing your nicotine absorption. You may need to cut your current nicotine strength in half, or possibly even more than half. If you are at 12mg, don’t be surprised if you need to lower that to 6mg or less. Many vapers who use RDAs/RTAs  vape between 0-3mg.


Remember, all vape products are use at your own risk