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Avidartisan Daedalus Pro Coil Jig


Product introduction

The Avidartisan Daedalus pro Coil Jig is the complete and updated accessories bag for the Daedalus pro kit.

This Daedalus Pro Coil Jig package includes all the parts except the Daedalus pro main body. So if you want to re-new your DIY tool, but do not want to buy a whole new one or already have a drill, the Daedalus Pro Coil Jig is quite a good option for Vaping DIY enthusiasts wanting to create their own special wires for building coils.


Package includes:

3x Magical Clapton Tool

2x Metal Wire Guide

2x Swivel Coastlock

1x Smart Coil Jig

1x Tool Clamp

2x Screw Nut

1x Manual

2x Spring

1x Lightning Vaping Nichrome 80 40AWG(100Ft)

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