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Fresh From Quebec, New Maddog Liquids, 140ml, 3mg, Max VG.

Big Crunch also available in 6mg

4 Flavors to choose from which will include the 140ml bottle, empty 30ml Unicorn for traveling, and a Vape Band


Big Burst:

Lucious berries picked lovingly from Nordic fields, sweet sticky carnival candy, grandma's best homemade jam, a Pinot Gris fresh from the vine, and baskets overfilled with fresh ripe fruit!  Tastes and flavours that dreams are made of!  We call it Big Burst!

Big Cream:

Staying with the world's best Vanilla Bean, back across the stream for the freshest custards and cream.  We roasted almonds and pecans, bathed them in caramelised sugar, and to top it off, a frosted delight!  Oh so good!  Big Cream!

Big Crunch:

A hint of fresh local spices, to top off a recipe sure to be your newest vice!  A layer of golden graham, crunchy cereals, lively berries, and a dollop of some fresh whipped cream!  This cream rich vape, 140ml just won't be enough!

Big Explosion:

This journey takes us around the world with a bang!  Off to the desert for a "prickly" fellow, then across the lake for some tropical friends.  Nectarine, Orange, Sweet Guava, and Apricot dreams!  There's so much more in here to taste there's no more time to waste!  Be prepared for a "Big Explosion!"

Type: E-Liquid

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