Chocolate Factory 60ML

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60ML Plastic Chubby Gorilla Bottles - 70VG - 3MG/ML

Created by The Factory in Italy


  • BANANA: A chocolate fondue dream! Sweet ripened bananas dipped in creamy milk chocolate. 
  • MILK: The ultimate chocolate vape. A classic, straight to the point, creamy milk chocolate flavour.
  • PEANUT: What happens when you combine a deliciously rich milk chocolate with perfectly salted peanuts? You get the most epic flavour combo of all time... duh.
  • STRAWBERRY: A sweet, succulent, juicy strawberry dipped in velvety milk chocolate. Are you drooling yet?
  • NUTELLA (tella): The classic Italian combo of hazelnut and milk chocolate. Just like your favorite spread, this too will never get old. 


Type: E-Liquid

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