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60ml Black Gorilla Bottle 3mg/ml 75%VG

Have You Cracked The Code?

Area 51 An out of this world mix of mango and papaya, blended together with a hint of lychee

Atlantis Fresh mix of pineapple, blueberry, and guava sinking deep into an ocean of flavour

Big Foot A delicious blend of mini donuts, convered with cinnamon and sugar (often imitated never duplicated)

DaVinci Code This flavour code brings notes of buttery pecan's,complimented by a cream reduction with a message of perfection

Lochness A creamy yogurt with fresh chunks of peach rising from the depths

Rongorongo A refreshing blend of a tart strawberry citrus, infused with cucumbers

Produced by Premium Labs


Type: E-Liquid

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