Goon 1.5 Styled RDA 24mm

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Goon 1.5 Styled RDA 24mm


Product introduction

The Goon 1.5 styled RDA 24mm is constructed from stainless steel. It features bridge clamp design for easy building and middle side adjustable air slots for airflow control.It has larger build space vertically and horizontally than the Goon V1.




Cyclops airflow

Domed interior top cap for better flavor

Half inch drip tip

Wide Bore drip tip

Standard 510 connection

Gold plated brass 510 pin

Stainless steel clamp screws

Hybrid safe

Peek insulators

Positive and Negative bridges are easily replaceable

Vacuumed Plated Stainless Steel


Package includes:

1x Goon 1.5 styled RDA 24mm

1 x set of Allen key screws

1 x Allen key tool

1 x set of hybrid Phillips/flathead screws

1 x optional squonk pin(only comes with Stainless version, not the black)

extra o-rings

Type: RDAs

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