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Plus Pods JUUL Compatible

 WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Discontinued, will no longer be available once quanties left in stock are depleted.

Plus Pods specializes in producing compatible pods for the Juul Device. A front-runner in the Juul Compatible Pod market, Plus Pods provides a variety of deliciously refreshing flavors and puts a strong emphasis on the quality design of their pods which prevents leaks, burns, and ensures a consistently smooth hit. Their bold flavors, pod design, and premium brand make them a top choice among retailers for Juul Compatible Pods.

Each pack contains 4 Pods. Each Pod contains 1 ml of e-liquid.

Currently available in 6.0% Nicotine.

  • MANGO – Tropical, juicy, and smooth with a hint of tastiness. A unique, undeniably mango flavor.
  • CALIFORNIA CREAM – California cream is a decadent cheese flavor that will bring you back wanting more and more.
  • LEMONADE – The zesty flavor of the lemonade will awaken and revitalize your senses once and for all. If you’re looking for the ultimate perfection then look no further.
  • STRAWBERRY – Luxuriously bold and fruity. One of our more popular flavors, strawberry offers a delicious and full of bright, tasty strawberry flavor.
  • GREEN APPLE – Plus pods introduces of the top selling pod flavors on the market. This is a delicious blend of green apple with just the right hint of tastyness. This flavor has quickly become Plus pods top selling flavor.
  • WATERMELON – A mouthwatering, tasty premium flavor. Our watermelon offers a crisp, and refreshing taste that you won't forget.
  • BANANA – You’ll taste the creamy, tasty, and slightly tangy flavor of tree-ripened bananas with every puff you take. The flavor is further enhanced by the refreshing rush of nicotine to deliver a truly fulfilling experience.
  • BLUE RASPBERRY – These pods are bursting with the perfect flavor combination of tart and tasty, giving your taste buds a totally exciting experience. Enjoy refreshingly tasty and tantalizingly tart taste of the blue raspberry throughout the day.
  • SAMPLE PACK – If you’re looking for a new and exciting flavor for your JUUL device, than you’ll definitely want to check out PLUS Pods Sample Pack of pods! Iced Peach, Iced Mint, Iced Grape, and Iced Pineapple.
  • ICED MINT – Incredibly refreshing, as it balances tasty and cool for a soothing, frosted flavor.
  • ICED GRAPE – Full and delicious flavor is as if Napa's finest wine grapes merged with the frosty air of Lake Tahoe. 
  • PASSION FRUIT– Lush passion fruit. These pods are the perfect choice for anyone who is a true fan of mint and is looking to stay cool.

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