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1Special Requests MOQ:15 - ADV BLENDZ

WARNING: Nicotine is highly addictive - Health Canada

Custom Requests: 15x minimum of any one variant. These will be made and stocked specifically by special request only, please contact us if you want a custom variant made.

These are the quantity discount breaks for those who prefer to stay well stocked

30ML Traditional FB Nicotine ($15):
  • Save 10% on 2-3 bottles  ($13.50/bottle) ($0.45/ml)
  • Save 20% on 4-9 bottles  ($12.00/bottle) ($0.40/ml)
  • Save 30% on 10+ bottles ($10.50/bottle) ($0.35/ml)
    • 30% = Our best value price to date
    • Previous 3x 100ml special was $0.36/ml
30ML New Salt Nicotine ($20):
  • Save 10% on 2-3 bottles  ($18.00/bottle) ($0.60/ml)
  • Save 20% on 4-9 bottles  ($16.00/bottle) ($0.53/ml)
  • Save 30% on 10+ bottles ($14.00/bottle) ($0.46/ml)


Please contact us if you would like a special option that is not available here or shows as sold out and we will see how to best accommodate your needs.


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