Tobeco Hand Spinner EDC

The Hand Spinner is a very popular EDC (every day carry) Fidget Toy. These Spinners are designed to keep your hands busy and provide a focal point for busy minds while relieving stress. Great to fidget with when you are somewhere you cant smoke or vape.

These three styles are made by Tobeco and use the r188 steel bearings.

Plastic ABS Tri spinner:

•Material: ABS.
•Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Green, White.

•Spin 2-5 minutes depend on strength.

Stainless Tri Spinner:

•Material: Stainless Steel.
•Colors: Matt Stainless Steel, Black, Rainbow, Blue/white Splash.

•Spin 4-7 minutes depend on strength.

Stainless Mini Oculus Spinner:

•Material: Stainless Steel.
•Colors: Stainless

•Spin 4-6 minutes depend on strength..


Type: Gadgets

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