USB VV Passthrough

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This USB cable is designed to be used with an atomizer, without the need to power the unit with a battery. All you need to do is attach your desired atomizer to the 510/eGo threading, then plug in to a USB power source. Four power settings included: Blue 3.0V, Purple 3.6V, Red 4.2V and Green 4.8V. Five clicks of the button will cycle through the four Voltage options, and turn off after 4.8 V.

Threading: 510 & eGo

Other Features: Long cord, Variable Voltage, USB Connection

Disclaimer: Use caution when using this device above 4.2 Volts as it has potential to damage your atomizer. We suggest using a 5.0 Volt 2.0 Amp car adapter, if you choose to use a car adapter. The high power consumption of this passthrough may damage USB ports on computers.

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