Vicious Vaperz Smuggler's Collection

These are final clearance, they have past their suggested "expiry date"

Dark N Stormy

Vanilla and toffee blended to perfection.



Freshly canned peaches and a hint of cream at the ripe age of perfection.


Ghost Stories

Tart rock candies blended together from days of old.


La Crema

La Crema – A complex mix of light creams sitting on top of a vanilla bean back note.


Queen B

A tropical treat consisting of a blend of tart fruits.


Rio Grande

A simple toffee and caramel blend standing completely on its own.


Rio Grande Sunset

Toffee and caramel in a golden graham crust.


Smuggler’s Bounty

Lemon, lime and orange dancing together in unison.




An old fashioned sherbert reminiscent of the old country.




30ML Black Glass Bottles

NOTE: High VG (Vegetable Glycerin) liquids are intended for use in rebuildable dripping atomizers and some sub-ohm tanks. If you decide to use these liquids in any other non-compatible hardware, we are not responsible for any damage that may result. Damages include shortened coil life, coil clogging and poor wicking.

Type: E-Liquid

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