Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.
- Health Canada


Les produits de vapotage contiennent de la nicotine.
La nicotine crée une forte dépendance. - Santé Canada

Yocan Stix 2.0 Starter Kit


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Designed for use with CBD & Cannabis Oils/Concentrates.
Inspired by simplicity. Featuring a draw-activation firing mechanism (no button) and touch/bump/slap sensor control operating system. A screw-able ceramic mouthpiece, a ceramic inner chimney, a wickless ceramic coil, and a ceramic wrapped base.

Battery Control: With the new bump sensor control operation system, all functions will start right off the bat with a few slaps.

  • 5 times slap to cycle Advanced Mode or Regular Mode.
  • Regular Mode: Red LED Flash (no preheat, no voltage adjustment)
    • Autodraw
    • Default 3.8V
  • Advanced Mode: Green LED flash
    • 3 slaps to switch voltage settings:
      • 3.4V (1 green LED)
      • 3.8V (2 green LEDs)
      • 4.2V (3 green LEDs)
    • 2 slaps to activate the 10 sec preheat function at 1.8V, 2 slaps again to switch off the preheat function.
    • Autodraw
  • Auto Draw Cutoff (LED flashes 8 times)
  • Low battery alert (LED flashes 10 times)
  • Short circuit protection (LED flashes 5 times when drawing on it)
  • 30 minute auto shutoff, slap 5 times to wake up.

      Tank Filling: Unthread the top of the tank (mouthpiece), be careful with the top glass clear seal (if it is stuck to glass, gently remove and place back on the mouthpiece groove where it belongs), add your oil/concentrate into the tank being careful not to fill past 80-90% (you need some room/space for the seal) and thread back together. Let sit for 1 hour then begin to use it.
      Depending on the thickness consistency you may want to use the preheat feature to allow the product to wick faster/more efficiently if your concentrate/oil product is too thick.

      Features & Specifications:

      • Cartridge:
        • Dimension: 11.2mm * 49.0mm
        • Material: Full Ceramic and Glass
        • Capacity: 1.0ml
        • Resistance: 1.4Ω
      • Battery:
        • Dimension: 11.2mm * 79.2mm
        • Material: Stainless Steel
        • Capacity: 350mAh
        • Charger Type: Micro USB (not included)
        • Voltage Range: 3.4V, 3.8V, 4.2V
        • Draw Activation
        • Operation Type: Bottom Slapping/Tapping
        • Thread: 510
      Package Contents:
      • 1x Yocan Stix 2.0 Battery
      • 1x Yocan Stix 2.0 Cartridge (Pre-Assembled)