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Ziip Pods JUUL Compatible

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 WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

These are discontinued, get what you can while they last as we are unable to restock any more. Flavors currently left are in red below

Ziip pods are designed from the ground up to be the best alternative to existing Juul pods and flavors. Providing a unique selection of flavors, Ziip pods are the best way to expand your current Juul flavor collection and try out something new. Whether you're looking for something traditional or a bit more exotic and fruity, Ziip pods by Ziip Labs have you covered.

Each pack contains 4 Pods. Each Pod contains 1 ml of e-liquid.

Currently available in 5.0% or 6.0% Nicotine.

  • MINT It’s hard to perfect a mint vape flavor, but Ziip Pods has hit the mark with its Mint Vape Pods.
  • MANGO – When you inhale, the smooth-tasty taste of mango coats your tongue and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance. 
  • TOBACCO Tobacco pods powerful enough to give smokers the nicotine they crave and flavorful enough to mimic the taste of tobacco.
  • WATERMELON – The tasty refreshing watermelon.
  • ICED PINEAPPLE – A chilled tropical smoothie for your soul, the ideal balance of summery fruit flavor and wintry frost, treating your taste buds to a unique flavor experience that’s hard to put down.
  • POG  Combine the tastiest three flavors into one, passion fruit, orange and guava.
  • PEACH – Take a few breathers for the Ziip Pods Peach. As you start to puff, you'll recognize a familiar taste of honeyed peach.
  • CAPPUCCINO– Capture the essence of your local java joint with the Zpods Cappuccino.
  • STRAWBERRY LEMONADE – A tasty strawberry flavor with a tart citrus finish.
  • STRAWBERRY MILK – The delicious taste of thick swirl hit of milk-infused strawberry.
  • FROOPY A nostalgic taste of fruity cereal and milk.
  • ICED WATERMELON – The tasty refreshing taste of an icy watermelon.
  • ICED ORANGE – Bring together the invigorating citrus of Florida oranges with the eye-opening force of menthol.
  • ICED MANGO – An intense flavor experience that melds the magic of mango with the invigoratingly icy essence of mint.
  • ICED STRAWBERRY – The juicy tastiness of ripe, right-off-the-vine strawberries with an edge of mint.
  • ICED PINA COLADA – Energize the exotic essence of pineapple and coconut with a spark of mint.
  • ICED MULTI-PACK – Iced Watermelon, Iced Mango, Iced Strawberry, Iced Pina Colada
  • LEMON M. A tart lemon flavor with a creamy, almond aftertaste to perfectly balance out the pod flavor.
  • CINNAMON A rich flavor with a mild cinnamon coating.
  • NEW YORK STYLE Rich delicious cheese with a strawberry undertone.

  • ICED BLUEBERRY – Tart, freshly plucked blueberries with a mix of menthol that will leave you wondering why blueberry and mint don’t just hang out all the time.

  • ICED APPLE  Stumble upon the essence of pure bliss with the Iced Apple Pods, tasty, puckery, and cool.
  • GRAPE – Bursting with tasty, delicious, right off the vine grape flavor!

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