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These are Devices that use a ceramic or quartz coil that is more suited for vaporizing CBD liquid products.

Please note, for those venturing into using and vaping CANNABIS/CBD/THC products, please ensure it is a vapeable/inhalable product and NOT a sublingual OIL BASED product (ie, ingredients such as olive oil/hempseed oil/coconut oil/etc should never be inhaled). Sublingual products are strictly created for ingestion not inhalation, same for topical only being for use on your skin.

We would highly suggest only sourcing these CANNABIS/CBD/THC products from legal regulated sources that can produce a C.O.A. (Certificate of Analysis) to go with them which provides lab tested proof of what is exactly in it.

We do not sell any of the CANNABIS/CBD/THC liquid/concentrate products that would be used in these devices and coils.

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