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About Us

Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of preventable diseases and death, worldwide.
Every day, 100+ Canadians die from smoking related diseases, 1 person every 12 minutes.
Every year 52% of smokers try to quit, only 5% of those quit attempts succeed long term.

There are millions of smokers suffering in Canada with a strong desire to quit, to free themselves from their expensive and unhealthy addiction. Smoking costs are continually on the rise and the health and well-being of many Canadians and their families is being destroyed by the damage smoking does to them and their loved ones. It does not have to be this way, vaping can be very cost-effective and has been shown in many studies and recognized by health authorities to be less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

We all know someone who struggles with smoking, and everyone knows someone who was never able to get over the grip that smoking held on them. This is no different at All Day Vapes, in fact, All Day Vapes was born from the ashes of a last cigarette in 2009. A change was essential, not necessarily wanted, but necessary nonetheless. (Click here to read our Founders WHY)

Since 2011, the grip that once held us down has now been diminished to a fond memory of where it all began with a vision of endless possibilities. Our Vision is to be the leading company and brand in Canada, improving the overall health of Canadians and their families by helping smokers succeed in overcoming their smoking habits with the use of this new Vapour Technology. We cannot succeed with that vision, if we cannot help you see yours.

All Day Vapes was established in 2011, after experiencing first hand the great success of using these product ourselves, we began helping others use this alternative and the results thus far continue to be incredible. We have assisted thousands of people to transition to this better alternative over the years and have grown considerably. We now employ 8 people in our retail location based out of Langley, BC, and offer this online web platform to better serve everyone nationwide.

All Day Vapes makes it easy to find an E-Liquid for you, we offer a wide range of different flavours, blends, custom nicotine strengths, varying bottle sizes, everything being customized and tailored to what will suit your individual needs best to become your new favorite All Day Vape.

With devices ranging from the size of your thumb, to the size of your fist, we have something for everybody. We stock a large selection of many different products including the pieces that can wear out, break, or get lost such as: Glass, seals, tips, coils, and batteries.

Take advantage of the newest vapour technology on the market, paired with the right knowledge and assistance to achieve the massive level of success we continue to see with these products.

Please reach out to us should you have any questions or could use some expert advice and opinions on what may work best for you, we would love to help assist you on your journey of removing cigarettes from your life as we have done for ourselves.

All Day Vapes, Everyday People.

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