Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.
- Health Canada


Les produits de vapotage contiennent de la nicotine.
La nicotine crée une forte dépendance. - Santé Canada

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In Store Pick-Up (Juice Orders)

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New optional, Local Pickup available as of March 24th 2020. Please add products to the cart and checkout using the“Free In-Store Local Pick-Up” shipping option tab and you will be emailed when the order is ready for pickup.
-ID & Credit Card used required to pick-up your order
-You Must be 19+ to order and pick-up in-store
-Government issued Photo ID will be required

Please note the new Nicotine Strength, Blend and Flavor options have changed below as of September 16th 2020.

New B.C. Regulations are now in effect in B.C. and we cannot:
-Sell liquids with no nicotine
-Sell liquid bottles larger than 30mL
-Sell Nicotine strengths higher than 20mg/mL
-Sell tanks that hold more than 2mL 
Check out the blog update here for more info:
Not happy with the new regulations? We are not either. Contact the BC Health Minister, let them know:
Phone: 1-250-953-3547 Email:HLTH.Minister@gov.bc.ca

Thank you for choosing to shop at All Day Vapes. Once you fill out the form below, you will receive an email notification confirming your order and time it will be ready for pick-up. Please note that upon pick-up at our storefront we currently accept payment via cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard.
Also please note, we are a 19+ store, this means that we cannot have any minors inside the store at any time by law and as such you won't be allowed to have your kids(anyone under 19 without government issued ID proving otherwise) come in with you so please make other arrangements. We do have a wireless terminal if you need us to meet you outside or we can have a staff member stand outside and keep an eye on your kids if requested, just let us know when ordering and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Bottle Size, Prices and new Nicotine, Blend and Flavor options:
$15 / 30mL Regular Freebase Nicotine: (Discounts available see below for QTY & info)
50VG - 0.1mg / 0.5mg / 1.5mg / 3mg / 6mg / 10mg / 20mg
70VG - 3mg / 6mg
$20 / 30mL New Salt Based Nicotine: 
50VG - 10mg or 20mg
Example Order Template:
(Quantity) x (Bottle Size, Nicotine Strength, Flavor, PG/VG Ratio)
  • 2x 30mL 3mg Watermelon 50VG
  • 1x 30mL 20mg Pineapple 50VG, SN
  • SN = Salt Nicotine, optional, if not stated, regular nicotine will always be used
  • We have had to reduce the selection down to the top 80+ found <HERE>

    Below are the quantity breaks for those who prefer to stay well stocked up and purchase their favorites in bulk or combine multiple together to create their own custom flavors and strengths.

    Traditional Freebase Nicotine Bottles:
  • 10% off 2-3 bottles  ($13.50/bottle) ($0.45/ml)
  • 20% off 4-9 bottles  ($12.00/bottle) ($0.40/ml)
  • 30% off 10+ bottles ($10.50/bottle) ($0.35/ml)

  • New Salt Based Nicotine Bottles:
  • 10% off 2-3 bottles  ($18.00/bottle) ($0.60/ml)
  • 20% off 4-9 bottles  ($16.00/bottle) ($0.53/ml)
  • 30% off 10+ bottles ($14.00/bottle) ($0.46/ml)

  • Discount applies to all flavors and strengths for the ADV 30ML Blendz and Salted Blendz.

    keep updated