Efest LCD T1 Battery Tester

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Efest T1 Battery Voltage Tester

Li-ion Battery Diagnostic Device

Accurate battery Analysis with clear digital readouts
For vaping and electronics enthusiasts, keeping track of your battery's health is a top priority. The Efest T1 Tester is a compact battery tester that provides detailed information on your battery's voltage, letting you know exactly how much charge is left. A clear and easy to read LCD readout displays the metrics in digital style, and is accurate to 5 mV. This tester is compatible with the most popular batteries in the vaping world including 18650, 10440 and many more.

Displays Precise Voltage
Reverse Polarity Protection
Voltage Range: 0V - 4-5V
Measurement Accuracy: ± 5 mV
Display Accuracy: ± 10 mV
Compatible with:

Type: Chargers

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