Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.
- Health Canada


Les produits de vapotage contiennent de la nicotine.
La nicotine crée une forte dépendance. - Santé Canada


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Above Average Vaping

Above Average Vaping

An enthusiasts approach to Vaping.

Disposables, Pre-Filled Pod Systems and Open Pod Systems all have their place fulfilling different needs in certain circumstances. Most can get by using one, sometimes more, of these systems to suit their daily needs but some seek out more. In the past this step was almost inevitable for anyone looking to upgrade from a pen style vape, but now Open Pod Systems are quite versatile and can often offer MTL (Mouth to Lung) and DL (Direct Lung) styles of vaping using the same device. Unfortunately they still have drawbacks for some vapers... Mostly low mg Nicotine E-Liquid users using lower ohm coils looking for a better sub-ohm experience.


A Vape device that resembles larger Open Pod Systems but features 510 threads allowing the use of many non-proprietary Tanks, RDA's and RTA's. Some devices will have a built-in rechargeable battery, but most have a compartment for removable rechargeable batteries. The majority feature advanced chipsets that can be updated, and have many features not found in smaller devices.

Mods come in a variety of different sizes and styles. Some are only slightly larger than, and resemble, an Open Pod System and hold 1 battery. Others can get quite large, oddly shaped and can hold 2, 3 or even 4 batteries. Some Mods can be straightforward, having a basic shape, simple screens indicating the current wattage setting, resistance of the coil, and a battery level indicator, with not much more. Other Mods are quite elaborate and offer custom screen colours and backgrounds, large screens with more information, voice control, password protection, temperature control settings, power-curve settings, memory mode settings for quick tank changes, and can be made with more elegant materials.

Like Open Pod Systems, some Mods can be rather fragile and particularly vulnerable to breakage in certain areas. While other Mods can also be more rugged and offer IP67 ratings, being designed for a harder life. A lot of Mods contain batteries the same way as Open Pod Systems too, with threaded caps or sliding hinged doors, but many Mods have a magnetic door that comes off one side of the largest sides of the Mod. This allows the batteries to be horizontally placed in instead of vertically like other systems.

Since most Mods won't have batteries built in, and not all Mods feature balanced charging through the USB port, an external Battery Charger will have to be used to charge batteries. Hi-Drain Lithium Ion Batteries can be very dangerous and they are even more dangerous when not installed in any equipment. Battery Cases should be used to store loose batteries.

Using an Open Pod System with lower resistance coils at high wattage drains the best of batteries all too quickly. Constant high-amperage drains on a battery will also shorten its overall lifespan, losing mAH Capacity and Continuous Discharge Amp Rating at a faster than normal rate. A coil with a resistance of 0.15ohms being fired at 60 watts has an Amp draw of 20 Amps, which is the maximum Continuous Discharge Rating for most Hi-Drain Lithium Ion Batteries. While most batteries can handle higher discharges in short pulses, this can be debilitating for a single battery, and even in as little as 3-6 months of hard use the drop in mAH Capacity will be noticed. As time passes the battery may become warmer during use, indicating the battery is starting to fall outside of its safe usability zone. Spreading a high-wattage load over more batteries means each one has to work less, discharges safer and lasts longer between charges and over time.

Mods will sometimes be sold as a Kit, often coming with everything needed except E-Liquid and Batteries. Since most Mods have a 510 threading to attach the tank, almost any 510 threaded Tank, Sub-Ohm Tank, Clearomizer, RDA, RTA, RDTA and so on can be used. Having a mod with a 510 threading allows almost endless options, especially when compared to an Open Pod System using proprietary Pods and Coils.

Tanks and Sub-Ohm Tanks

A Vape apparatus often made of multiple pieces that fit together making the reservoir for E-Liquid. Most tanks come apart and consist of a 510 threaded base, a glass tube, a replaceable coil to vaporize the E-Liquid, capped off with a top piece that holds a 510 or 810 sized mouthpiece.

Tanks come in a variety of different sizes and styles. Some are only slightly larger than, and resemble, some Pods. Most Tanks are simple, allowing for easy coil changes and E-Liquid refills. Other Tanks can get quite elaborate and offer E-Liquid flow control. Sometimes this can make for intricate filling methods and complex airflow control, but it allows coil changes with a full tank. Most tanks will twist apart in one step for coil changes. Other tanks will still open in one step, but sometimes require many more steps to replace broken glass.

- Mouth to Lung Tanks

MTL style tanks have airflow control that usually goes from tight to half Direct Lung (DL) and offer coils in the 0.5-2.0 ohm range, offering a wattage range of roughly 5-30 watts. These tanks are generally on the smaller to medium size of all tanks because not as much E-Liquid is usually required. Users of medium to high strength E-Liquid typically use these tanks. These Tanks are traditionally paired with smaller single battery or built-in battery Mods, but can also be found on larger Mods for anyone looking for longer battery life.

- Direct Lung Sub-Ohm Tanks

DL style Sub-Ohm tanks have airflow control that usually goes from half to wide-open Direct Lung and offer coils in the 0.1-0.5 ohm range, offering a wattage range of roughly 30-150 watts. These tanks are generally on the medium to larger size of all tanks because much more E-Liquid is usually required. Users of low to medium strength E-Liquid typically use these tanks. These Tanks are traditionally paired with larger Mods that can hold at least 2 batteries, but can be found on smaller single battery or built-in battery Mods for anyone using higher resistance Sub-Ohm coils looking for a less bulky set-up.

- RBA Coils

Many Tanks and some Pods, mostly Sub-Ohm, offer Re-Buildable Atomizer (RBA) coils. These fit in the same place as a pre-built replacement coil, but contain no coils or wicking. Instead they usually unscrew into two piece's, a deck and a cap. A coil must then be installed between the two posts on the deck, then wicked through with cotton down into the E-Liquid inlets and then screwed back together with the cap. Some replaceable coils can get rather expensive, so learning how to build coils can be beneficial for some. Due to the RBA coil having to fit inside the tank, many can be quite small and rather troublesome to work with and complicated to perfect. While still small, some RBA coils can be larger than pre-built replacement coils and take away E-Liquid capacity. Most RBA coils also have limited airflow and aren't designed to be used under 0.3 ohms. RBA Coils are a great introduction to rebuildable atomizers, but RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs offer a much better building experience, much more airflow and are manufactured with materials designed to handle lower resistance coils.


Re-Buildable Atomizer - An advanced Vape apparatus often made of multiple pieces that fit together allowing for user-installed custom coils and wicks, called builds. RBAs have a large deck featuring positive and negative posts to connect a coil between. RDAs, RTAs, RDTAs, RBA coils and Genesis' are all considered RBAs.

Using RBAs can provide a better tasting Vaping experience and help save the cost of replacement coils, but it takes extra attention to detail and causes potential dangers. Battery and Ohms Law knowledge, extra maintenance, special tools, wick and wire will all be required when using RBAs. Like Sub-Ohm Tanks and Mods, RBA's can be either the pinnacle of simplicity or be quite sophisticated with a niche level of complexity.

- RDAs

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer - Most RDAs have a 510 threaded base with a large deck featuring positive and negative posts to connect a coil between, a cap that sits on top of the base, and a mouthpiece that fits into the cap. Sometimes the cap is made of multiple pieces that can rotate, allowing for multiple airflow settings. There are many styles of posts, accommodating for various sizes and types of coils. Some decks are quite shallow, allowing only the E-Liquid contained within the wick to be stored in the RDA. Other decks have posts that sit higher up with higher sidewalls, allowing for extra E-Liquid storage. Considering RDAs are not sealed, they are best kept upright to avoid any leaking and should have the wicks partially dried out before being put in a bag or anywhere it could fall over. Since RDAs coils aren't fed E-Liquid from a Tank, E-Liquid will have to be constantly replenished by "dripping" more into the top of the RDA to prevent the wicks from becoming dry. This can become rather tedious, but RDAs offer the best taste when used properly. To get around dripping, Squonking Mods were created that feed E-Liquid up from a bottle in the Mod through a tube and into a hollow 510 pin in the bottom of the attached RDA. Since Sqounk Mods aren't overly popular and can be rather troublesome, most end up using an RTA.

- RTAs

Rebuildable Tank AtomizerMost RDAs have a 510 threaded base with a medium to large deck featuring positive and negative posts to connect a coil between, a bell cap that sits or screws over the build deck base, with a chimney that runs to the top cap and mouthpiece, all inside a glass tube. There are many styles of posts, accommodating for various sizes and types of coils. Some decks are quite large, which can take away from the E-Liquid capacity. Other decks can be smaller, allowing for more E-Liquid capacity. Most Sub-Ohm use RTAs resemble Sub-Ohm Tanks with a built-in RBA coil, but with a bigger deck and more airflow, allowing for lower resistance builds. Not all RTAs are designed for Sub-Ohm use, especially ones with smaller build decks as they generally have tighter airflows. Sub-Ohm use RTAs offering the best flavour will typically have little to no chimney, offering limited E-Liquid capacity. RTAs with longer chimneys and more capacity will still offer good flavour, but as vapor travels it mixes with air and becomes more muted. To get optimal flavour and increased E-Liquid capacity, some turn to RDTAs.


Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer - Most RDTAs have a 510 threaded base and offer large build decks like RDAs, but the deck has holes and sits on top of a tank which extra long wicks can be ran down to. Since the posts are above the tank, there will be a metal tube running through the tank housing the pin that runs down to the 510 threading. The tube will often screw apart, allowing the glass to come out, but the pin itself will often have to be unscrewed out of the 510 threads before this can happen. The positive post in the build deck may come loose because of this as well. RDTAs have cap that sits on top of the base of the build deck but above the tank, and a mouthpiece that fits into the cap. Sometimes the cap is made of multiple pieces that can rotate, allowing for multiple airflow settings. There are many styles of posts, accommodating for various sizes and types of coils, and some RDTA's even have multiple styles of posts that unscrew allowing for many options with just one RDTA. RDTAs require more attention to detail with wicking when compared to an RDA, but not nearly as much when compared to an RTA. RDTAs offer the flavour of an RDA with the capacity of an RTA, but can't just be tossed into a pocket. Like RDAs, staying vertical with RDTAs is always the best idea, E-Liquid will start to leak out when placed horizontal or upside down for more than a few seconds, as these are not sealed systems under negative pressure like a Tank or RTA.

Mods and RBAs

Battery Charger, Hi-Drain Lithium Ion Batteries and Battery Cases will need to be purchased when using Mods. RBAs will not only require extra knowledge, but more Special Tools are often required, even for a minimalistic approach. Tools are sold separately but DIY Kits can be purchased that contain a plethora of small tools to assist in building and installing coils. Some kits contain Wick and Wire to get started, but more will likely be needed, or Mesh may be required.

Using Mods and RBAs poses additional safety risks and requires knowledge and tools, but it does have its reward. With a Mod that uses replaceable batteries, an RBA, special tools and a battery charger, the continued cost of Vaping would ultimately be the cheapest when compared to any other form of vaping. Only Wick, Wire, E-Liquid and Batteries would be to be purchased over time. Since a new replacement coil can't just be screwed in, RBAs are going to require extra time. The most time will be spent building, installing and wicking new coils, but every few days the coil will need to be cleaned and have the wick replaced. Coils can be cleaned and re-wicked many times before needing to be replaced if they are cleaned properly and taken care of. This can become rather tedious, but it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes through practice and the cost of a piece of cotton is much cheaper than a replacement coil.

Using a heavy Mod and potentially leaky RBA all day, everyday, isn't for everyone. Anyone who does will often carry around a small case filled with essentials like wick, pre-built coils or wire, small tools and some sort of small towel, incase something goes wrong. This is why many people who do use Mods and RBAs tend to use them from a stationary position, such as the house or office, where they won't travel much and any issues can be promptly resolved. The satisfaction of an RBA cannot be beat, but there are many impressive comparable options now. Using a small Mod with a Sub-Ohm Tank or a mid-sized Open Pod System can provide a similar experience to using an RBA, while being more pocket-friendly when out and about. At most, only an extra battery, extra coil, and bottle of E-Liquid will need to be on hand. For situations where pocket space is limited, small Open Pod Systems, Pre-Filled Pod Systems or Disposables would be ideal.

The expanding Vape World now seems to have a style of Vaping for almost anyone in any situation looking for an alternative to combustible tobacco.

The Getting Started Series was written to help anyone looking to make sense of what it all means. What seemed to be a fad at first, has now become a way of life for many and is continuing to assist people looking to make the switch.

Hopefully this series of Blogs has helped with understanding the World of Vaping. Please check out our other Blogs full of News and Advanced Information about Vaping. All Day Vapes is always to happy to provide assistance, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us for further guidance.

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