Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.
- Health Canada


Les produits de vapotage contiennent de la nicotine.
La nicotine crée une forte dépendance. - Santé Canada


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Getting Invested

Getting Invested

An economical approach to Vaping.

Disposables are great for Starting Out Simple and certainly have many advantages in given situations, but the cost of daily use could easily be hundreds of dollars a month for an average Vaper. Pre-Filled Pods will cut the cost significantly while still offering the mostly hassle-free experience found with using Disposables, but there is a better way for the everyday Vaper.

Open Pod Systems

A Vape device containing a removable E-Liquid Pod that is designed for proprietary use. The device will have a built-in rechargeable battery, or have a compartment for a removeable rechargeable battery. Some devices will have adjustable power, while others have a screen and offer features found in larger more expensive Vape devices. The Pods are refillable and some contain a built-in coil, whereas others offer replacement coils.

Open Pod Systems come in a variety of different sizes and styles. Some are only slightly larger than and resemble a Disposable or Pre-Filled Pod device with nothing more than an indicator light, while others have colourful screens, multiple buttons and other features and resemble Regulated Mod Kits. Open Pod Systems offer by far the most unique variety of shapes and sizes of Vapes available in the market.

  • Lower starting cost compared to larger Vaping Kits. Some Open Pod Kits can be quite elaborate with above average electronics, finishes and materials making them more expensive.
  • Cheaper overall cost - Pods/Tanks can be refilled multiple times before the Pod or Coil needs replacing. Higher starting cost than a Pre-Filled Pod system but far cheaper over the long run.
  • Large selection of devices, sizes, finishes and colours. Some designs can be trickier to fill.
  • Higher quality. Pods with removeable coils can be filled hundreds of times and devices can last a long time if taken care of.
  • Devices with power setting and screens allow the ability to dial in the perfect temperature. May require extra care, attention and ability to troubleshoot issues.
  • Some devices offer a removable battery slot and the battery can simply be recycled and replaced. Devices with built-in batteries will need to be completely replaced at one point as the non-removable battery gets weak and won't hold a charge after a period of time.
  • Small and compact. Limited battery capacity.
  • Endless E-Liquid choices. Use any E-Liquid flavor and/or strength desired.
  • Higher tendency to have some leaking occur. Will need to be cleaned more than occasionally.

Open Pod Systems offer something for everyone - From small, concealable and lightweight devices that don't put a burden on your pockets, to more rugged and heavier devices with IP67 ratings that aren't necessarily going to break when they're dropped.

Almost all of the smaller and more unique looking devices often have the coil built directly in to the pod, so the whole pod will need to be replaced when the coil has passed its lifespan. In most cases the pod itself is generally still usable, leading to what some might see as extra waste. Other times, pieces have already started to wear out due to the nature of its disposability. The majority of these same devices will almost always have a built-in rechargeable battery. Once the battery stops holding a charge the device becomes unusable and will need to be recycled. However, with less parts and the need for a removable battery door, they tend to experience less mechanical issues or breaking parts. A few smaller and unique devices offer pods with replaceable coils, but because of size and design almost never offer a removable battery slot.

The majority of Open Pods Systems that feature pods with replaceable coils will have a built-in battery. There are some companies that will make two, slightly different, versions of a device - One with a built-in rechargeable battery and another, often slightly larger, with a slot to insert a removable Hi-Drain Lithium Ion Battery. Some more rugged devices have threaded caps that screw in to hold the battery in place. They can be a little more complicated to remove, but offer a much more secure system. The more elaborate looking devices often feature a sliding hinged door. While these designs can be more than adequate, some tend to wear out due to the constant removal of the battery, being dropped or put down heavily or just from general mistreatment.

Initially, getting into an Open Pod System can be expensive, but because the pods can be refilled many times before needing to be replaced or have a new coil installed, more money can be saved in the long run. One 30mL bottle of E-Liquid generally costs only a little more, or the same, as a pack of Pre-Filled Pods or one Disposable and will last an average user 5-15 days. Some simple Open Pod Systems don't cost much more than getting started with a Pre-Filled Pod System.

Open Pod Systems are great and have simplified Vaping for many, but some may be looking for a little more. Using a lower resistance coil in an Open Pod System can drain batteries a lot quicker than using a higher resistance coil. Anyone looking for better battery life, more E-Liquid capacity or even some different modification options should consider looking into the Above Average Vaping world of Mods, Hi-Wattage Tanks and RBA's.